Community Amenities


Paved StreetsPaved Streets

Our paved streets are kept free of trash, debris and damage on a daily basis. During winter months, streets are kept clear of snow and ice buildup.

Swimming PoolSwimming Pool

We are proud to offer a residents- and guests-only swimming pool, which is kept safe, clean and monitored on a daily basis.


Proximity to Shops & RestaurantsProximity to Shops & Restaurants

The community is close to nearby shops and restaurants.

Close to Main HighwaysClose to Main Highways

The park is easily accessible by main highways within the area.

Tourist AttractionsTourist Attractions

The community sits within a short commuting distance to local tourist attractions, theatres, and/or lakes.


No Photo AvailablePark and Picnic Area

We take pride in the many common areas of our community. On a sunny afternoon some residents can be seen enjoying these park-like settings. Some homes offer a view of these areas right from your living room window.

No Photo AvailableSocial Activities

Social activities are organized by the park management staff and may include both family and children's activities.


Playgrounds are available for the residents' children and their guests to enjoy.